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Flexible Research Group Laboratory Facilities

Equipment in Our Laboratory

Our group has exclusive access to laboratory space and state-of-the-art equipment for fabricating, characterizing, and testing flexible structures, mechanisms, and materials. Equipment items of note, which are owned by our group, include:

Custom-developed Optical-tweezers-based Additive-fabrication Research Machine 

  • Spectra Physics MaiTai eHP DeepSee laser (440kW peak power, 80MHz rep rate, tunable from 690-1040nm)

  • Laser Quantum Opus laser (3W at 532nm)

  • Boulder Nonlinear Systems HSP256-0532 spatial light modulator (256x256 pixels, 500 Hz update rate)

  • Meadowlark Optics 1920x1152 spatial light modulator (2.2 megapixels, 100 Hz update rate)

  • Two Thorlabs GVS012 scanning galvanometers and controllers (1kHz scan rate)

  • Thorlabs PFM450E piezo objective scanner and controller (600um travel)

  • IntraAction ATM-802DA2 acousto-optic modulator

  • Nikon Plan Apo Lambda 100x microscope objective (oil immersion, NA = 1.45)

  • Nikon Plan Apo Lambda 60x microscope objective (oil immersion, NA = 1.40)

  • Thorlabs MAX341 3-axis micropositioning stage (with stepper motors, closed-loop piezos, and controllers)

  • Thorlabs RBL13D 3-axis positioning stage with stepper motor drives

  • Two Thorlabs DCC1545M imaging cameras (simultaneous imaging at 100x and 20x)

  • Newport Integrity 3 VCS air table

  • Two Basler Ace imaging cameras (Gig-E)

  • Harrick PDC-32G plasma cleaner

  • Mettler Toledo ME104E analytical balance (0.1mg resolution)

  • ATAGO NAR-1T refractometer

  • Meadowlark Optics liquid crystal polarization rotator

  • Qsonica Q55 tip sonicator

  • Chemyx Fusion 100 infusion syringe pump

  • Chemyx Fusion 4000 multi-channel push-pull syringe pump

Flexible Structure Mechanism and Material 3D printer 3Z Pro

High-resolution Wax 3D Printer

Solidscape 3Z Pro

Flexible Structure Mechanism and Material 3D printer Fused Deposition

Fused Deposition 3D Printer

Stratasys uPrint SE Plus

Laser Cutter for Making Flexible Structures and Mechanisms

Laser Cutter

Trotec Speedy 100, 60W

Instron testing machine for testing flexible structures mechanisms and materials

Instron Testing Machine

Model 5966, 10kN, with Heated Testing Chamber

Characterization machine for characterizing flexible structures mechanisms and materials


Leica EZ4 HD

Custom-developed Micro-mirror Array Characterization Research Machine 

  • Stanford Research Systems SR865A DSP Lock-in Amplifier

  • National Instruments PXIe-1071 Real-time controller

  • National Instruments PXI-7851R Multifunction I/O card

  • 8 16-bit Analog Inputs, 8 16-bit Analog Outputs, 96 Digital I/O pins

  • Integrated Virtex-5 FPGA

  • Custom-built 2-axis tip/tilt sensor (sample positioning in 5DOF)

  • 10 arcsec resolution in absolute tilt measurement@40kHz update

Fume hood and refridgerator for storing and handling nanoparticles

Fume Hood and Storage Refrigerator

Other UCLA Facilities to Which Our Group Has Access  

In addition to our group's facilities, we also have access to the equipment and expertise of professional technicians in a number of UCLA's shared facilities. Examples of these facilities include:

UCLA's Research and Development Machine Shop and UCLA's Student Shop

UCLA's Integrated Systems Nanofabrication Cleanroom (ISNC)

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